Consola Sensorial DOIT

Having control of a multi-sensorial room has never been easier.

DOIT console, sensory activities in the multisensory room.

Sensory activities are essential for stimulation. Sensory exercises, sensory games, lived stories… Let’s see how the DOIT console works.

  • First, it controls the elements of the DOIT multisensory room, snoezelen room or multisensory room through computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Plays videos and multimedia integrated in its memory.
  • The user can also play his own multimedia content
  • It also allows the control of sensorial columns, LED spotlights, optical fibres… of the room (colour, on, off…).
  • Experiential stories can be easily created for reproduction in the multi-sensorial room.
  • It also contains a wide variety of sensory activities.

¿For whom?

For any professional who has a multi-sensory room or snoezelen and wants to work with sensory activities.

It works with DOIT link tech elements.

It also works with third-party elements by installing a DOIT Link adapter (EU-AD controllable plug).

It works without conventional stimulation elements since it connects some speakers and a screen or image projector and enjoy sensory activities, music and video.

Take control of the multisensory room and enjoy all the power of this small console.

We can also carry out activities of relating sounds with photos, aromas or fragrances with photos, relation of images for families or groups for example: things of house, type of transport, animals, etc …

Constant evolution

The current versions of the console receive automatic updates from our servers.

DOIT CONSOLE is a tool of great value as it will be able to interact with the elements of your room and encourage communication and relationship in a fun and simple way

They can work with the activities as many people as they want using each one their device (tablets, smartpone, etc.).

With DOIT CONSOLE you can control all the elements of the multisensory room with any smartphone, tablet or computer.

By connecting the console to an image projector or TV, you can enjoy the relaxing videos that it incorporates as well as music for the multi-sensory room.

But the console does not end here, since equally any user of the room can interact with the elements through a controller, since:

It also has a section of sensory activities where combining any of our doit communicators or a tablet we can perform multiple activities through the projector.


Currently, more than 25 cognitive exercises are included. However, more exercises are constantly being developed. Thanks to the online updates system, new exercises can be added.

In addition to the list of images, there is also the identification of forms, as well as the search for objects, games for couples, memory games, sorting from large to small and many more.

Exercises included:

  • Adapted communicator.

Formed by eight large digital color pushbuttons to change color any interactive device DOIT

  • Music studio.

Several instruments to choose and with sound

  • Carrusel de imagen y sonido.

Association of images with sounds

  • Family carousel

Various images with change of image depending on the color of the button.

  • Guess the sound.

A sound sounds and we must choose the image corresponding to that sound.

  • Move Visual and Auditory.

This is one of the most interactive applications of the console, select this activity, select an instrument and start moving the tablet, through the movement will begin to play musical notes of the selected instrument, perform this activity with more tablets at once selecting different instruments to create a large orchestra inside the multi-sensorial room and prepare for a moment of fun.
With the same movement of the tablet the interactive DOIT elements that are activated will change color as long as there is the movement of the tablet, promotes interaction and cause-effect relationship.

  • Guess the aroma.

For this activity it is necessary to have our interactive aromatherapy system DOIT, introduce in the aromatherapy equipment the essences corresponding to the exercise, the user from a tablet or from the touch screen will select the activity and four fruits will appear, the aromatherapy equipment will begin to spread one of the four aromas and the user will have to guess which of them is.


It also contains other activities such as:

  • Guess the name.
  • Card memory.
  • Guess the aroma.
  • Point out the different one.
  • It relates forms.
  • Look for objects.
  • Sum of objects.
  • What image have you seen.

And many more…

Especially relevant is the ease and quick adaptation to the handling of the console of sensory activities.

It has been designed with easy and intuitive menus for ease of use.

Ask us for a free demonstration of how the DOIT console works, we can give you a demonstration to see its full potential, contact our experts for help and they will tell you how easy it is to use. Contact us!

Do dozens of cognitive activities with our large touch screen

Consola sensorial DOIT

The DOIT sensory console receives updates from our servers every time our experts develop improvements and new content. You can also have online support because we can remotely manage the console to resolve any questions or incidents that our client has.

Panel de actividades DOIT

This powerful 42-inch monitor incorporates the entire operating system developed by DOIT. Cognitive activities can be combined with reactions in other elements of the room such as a projector, a water column, optical fibers...

Technical characteristics:

1920 x 1080Pixels, Multi-touch, Black, Touchscreen Monitor, Large Format Display
(106.7 cm (42″), 6.5 ms, 400 cd/m², AMVA3, 3000:1, Infrared)

Diagonal image 107 cm (42 inch(s))
Power consumption in the “on” state 75 watts versus 90 watts from other brands
Standby power consumption and “off” state 0.5 watts
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Type Large-format display

Colors 16.7 million
Static Contrast 3000 :1
Especially relevant connections 3x HDMI input, 1x VGA input, 1x VideoCinch input, 1x StereoCinch input, 1x 3.5 mm audio input, 2x USB-A-2.0, 1x RJ 45
Touch screen type Capacitive
Horizontal frequency from 30 kHz to 83 kHz
vertical from 56 Hz to 76 Hz
Speaker 2 Speaker
Wall mounting 400 x 400 mm, VESA kompatibel
Features Touch screen
Dimensions Width: 987 mm x Height: 578 mm x Depth: 74 mm
Weight approx. 24.6 kg