Adapted switches, communicators or pushbutton boxes are designed and manufactured by DOIT. Our communicators are wireless. They work with AA batteries of 1,5v of very common use and easily localizables in any general store. These batteries have an average life of 1 to 2 years depending on the use.

The pushbuttons can be “flat” or “round” (flat or curved) as they adapt better to the needs of our users. The “Round” models are better suited to the palm of the hand. The pushbutton boxes can be 4 or 8 colours.

The levers are an adapted switch very useful for all users. But they are especially useful for users with motor disabilities. They require less precision when pressing and thus facilitate the use in these users.

The audio switcher uses voice to make color changes. It uses the “Doit Link” system. It facilitates the interactivity with the elements of the multisensorial room to users with very reduced mobility since they only require a sound to be activated.

The switches are essential in the multisensory room to interact with our equipment.


Jugando con columna
Niña usando la caja de pulsadores Flat en combinación con la columna de burbujas