Light Sources and fiber optic decks

It Is A key component of any multisensory room, the sensory optical fiber represents the safest way to bring light to a person, because the absence of electricity or heat that is transmitted through the fiber makes the sensory optical fiber can touch and Manipulate. The Sensory Optical fiber provides dazzling effects with relaxing benefits and is thanks to this fascinating glow effect that are widely used in hospitals, schools and therapy centers especially to treat people with difficulties of Learning, autism and sensory processing disorders.

The color-changing properties of sensory optical fiber have therapeutic benefits and stimulate children’s minds by helping them identify the variety of colors. We offer the most innovative sensory fiber optic products in a variety of forms, such as the Doit fiber optic carpet, the Doit fiber optic cascade, the Doit fiber optic tunnel and many other designs that will fit perfectly into any sensory environment.

The light sources are with LED technology and can be passive or active, ie with automatic color cycles or controlled by our adapters or applications.

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