DOIT LINK TECHNOLOGY Our communication protocol for multisensorial devices

DOIT link, is the communication protocol created and developed for a perfect integration of any of the sensory elements that make up a multisensory classroom, controlled by the DOIT console.

The DOIT LINK is the protocol with which the elements of the multisensorial room communicate with our DOIT CONSOLE, this communication protocol is integrated in all DOIT products, if you have multisensorial elements of other brands and want to integrate our sensory console DOIT CONSOLE will need the DOIT LINK adapter, this way we can control the on and off of the equipment from the DOIT CONSOLE through any tablet, computer or smartphone.

This protocol is so versatile that it allows us to constantly develop it, including the advice and experiences of our customers.



A sensory environment with DOIT products can be automated if it has this technology. Technology developed by DOIT Sistemas Multisensoriales SL.

If you do not have products compatible with DOIT Link Tech. we can update your products with our hardware to make them 100% compatible.


Toma de red DOIT

Advantages of owning the Link-Techonolgy system :

  • To be able to combine this technology with the DOIT Link network base,
  • DOIT Link network bases are designed to work on any network socket.
  • To be able to configure this with the element to connect (a water column, a sky of stars, a curtain of fibers, a carpet….)
  • This type of installation allows the full functionality of the DOIT activity console.
  • Link as many DOIT Link network bases as you want.
  • We will be able to move the elements and the console to any room easily.
  • Self-installation. They do not require the intervention of any technician.

In short, by creating a multisensorial room is no longer necessary an electrical installation, takes advantage of the current.

*After consultation and technical inspection by our experts.