Bubble columns are an essential element in a multi-sensorial room. They are relaxing and stimulate vision, hearing and touch. You can feel the vibration of the bubbles moving along a 1.80m tube. To hear the sound of the bubbles through the tube of only 4 mm. of thickness. You can also change the color of the column with the full range of buttons. DOIT manufactures pushbuttons, levers or voice systems compatible with bubble columns.

The bubble columns can be “passive”, the color change cycle is progressive and automatic. Also interactive, both can have incorporated as an option the tube for the circulation of objects inside. Only in the “interactive” column the user can choose the color change and with which switch type he will make the changes in the column of bubbles. It can be used with a digital tablet by means of the Doit Console, a pushbutton box, a foam dice , a lever….

Our columns can also be integrated into sensor trolleys. The sensory trolley consists of a 1 m high bubble column and incorporates various elements such as aroma therapy, fibre optics, portable projector…. It is perfect to be able to move our sensory elements and to realize sessions where we want since the furniture has some practical wheels to slide easily.

Columna sensorial