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DOIT is a company that designs, manufactures and installs products or equipment for sensory stimulation, multisensory or snoezelen in Spain. All our products are adapted as much as possible to the needs of our customers.

Multisensory rooms and multisensory material

Qué es una sala multisensorial ?

Estimulación sensorial
DOIT Multi sensory Room

A multi sensory room or Snoezelen Room is a room with dim light. In this room, equipment designed to stimulate all human senses is also installed. DOIT multi-sensor rooms also vary in their exact composition.

For example, for multi sensory stimulation they will usually have bubble tubes. Slow moving images or colors projected around walls. Fiber optic mallets. Sound equipment, music and aroma-therapy materials.

A wide variety of tactile items, such as rough surfaces, can also be used. In the same way, smooth or contoured surfaces, soft items and vibrating surfaces are used in the multi sensory room. Hot water beds with vibration and sound are also widely used. The overall objective in the multi sensory room is to provide visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic and olfactory stimuli.

Sobre nuestros productos

We manufacture and design all our materials for multi sensory rooms in Spain. We also have the advice of experts in special education and geriatrics. These, together with our team of R+D+i engineers, constantly develop and improve our products. In this way, being developers, manufacturers and installers allows us to offer: a high quality final product. Tailored to the requirements of our customers.

What do we offer?

First of all, a very competitive price. Secondly, there are NO intermediaries. Finally, we do not buy from third parties. All our products have a two-year warranty.

Ask now for your budget without commitment

We’ll set up your multi sensory room. We send you distribution and simulation on a 3D plan together with your budget. Ask for it here without obligation or call us at 977.091.417

What’s new

Last February at DOIT we finished the installation of what is our multi sensory room for referral in Spain, it was installed in the Loiu – Udaloste Health Center, it is a center aimed at people with moderate or light intellectual disability and minors with disabilities serious psychophysics Follow this link to read more.

Adapted furniture

Round, curved or angled, for the placement of bubble columns or optical fibers. We manufacture your modules to measure


DOIT sensory console


First of all, having our own software allows a better customization and integration of our product in the multi sensory room. For this reason, Doit has created this powerful software for the control of the multi sensory room. Secondly, this software incorporates sensory activities. Experienced stories. It also contains photos, videos and sounds for the sessions in the multi sensory Room. Finally, this powerful minicomputer can be connected to the “Doit Cloud”. Doit Cloud is the first community of professionals in which experiences and stories from the multi sensory room can be shared.  You can follow this link for more information

Bubble columns

Perfect for relaxation and visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. Various models and operating options. With LED illumination

Digital systems

Technology in the sensory room, operation control, sensory activities, application of sensory element control

Pushbutton boxes

Different models of push buttons or levers to interact with all the Doit Link elements of the multi sensory room

Light sources and fiber bundles

Types of light sources and fiber optic bundles for the multi sensory room. Ideal for visual tracking


Videos de Productos

New Multi Sensory Room

Sensory die

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